Transactions and Assets Security by Blockchain in Afflantium

1 min readAug 31, 2021

Hello guys and welcome to Afflantium. Your Crypto Gaming Metaverse.

In comparison to regular games, Afflantium uses Blockchain technology which makes Afflantium a special world with a special approach.
Today we will talk about security, transactions, and speed. In other words, what the blockchain gives us.

Why are we using Blockchain technology in Afflantium?

First: Proof of ownership
Any property in the Afflantium world, such as Governance Token, Economy Token, as well as land, real estate, game items, artifacts, skills, accesses — in other words, NFT, they are all tied to your Afflantium account using your wallet address.
Blockchain technology reliably protects and guarantees your right to own these assets.

Second: Transactions.
Transactions can be understood as:
– Any interaction with any tokens in Afflantium.
– Paying or receiving payment for services.
– Getting a salary or income from rent.
– Transfer or receipt of any assets in Afflantium (NFT).

All the transactions and actions mentioned above are carried out using blockchain technology, which is the safest, and again it is proof of ownership — which is an essential component.

Afflantium uses multiple solutions.
The Afflantium ecosystem operates with several blockchains and protocols, making the most out of everyone.
– Solana
– Polygon
– More later

This allows us to make blockchain technology as fast as possible, cheap, and easy to understand.







Afflantium — virtual reality universe developing on UE5 using the Solana blockchain and an ecosystem of NFTs, social, financial, and entertainment experiences.