Does Afflantium have a story mode?

3 min readFeb 26, 2022

Afflantium isn’t exactly a game. It is more of a virtual universe, a simulation, or whatever word comes to your mind. Afflantium is not like a traditional video game in which your character progresses through a story-line created by the game's developers.

In a simulated virtual environment with real-world aspects such as real estate, social gatherings, trading assets, providing services, and more. There is no single story-line that every character can follow because everyone is there for different reasons: Someone could use it to fight others for NFTs or for fun, set up a virtual store to showcase their product in a VR environment for potential customers, make a side hustle by designing interiors or building for land owners in your spare time, hang out with a friend at one of our social hubs on the outskirts of town, attend a local event, become a tutor, hire an artist to design you 3D assets, and so on. The list could go on (and a full list would likely exist in the future).

Does that mean there’s no story mode in Afflantium? not necessarily.

We do not create the story. The players create their own story; we simply assist them in getting to and through it. Because there are numerous paths a player can take in Afflantium, we assist them in achieving their specific goal. For example, if you decide to start a virtual business, we will simply point you in the right direction based on your requirements. Like a skill tree, so you know what to expect in the future and where to stride.

This isn't one of those typical MMORPG quests where you're guided through a mission to the goal in a linear fashion. Sure, some things are as simple as "go to X, and then collect Y," but most things in life aren't always that simple - and that's fine; otherwise, that would be boring and uninteresting.

That is one of the main components of Afflantium - it is versatile. We are not restricted to a single genre or play-style. We can grow in any direction we want. That applies to anyone who wants to incorporate into Afflantium, from one-man projects to large corporations. The universe of Afflantium will be able to contain multiple worlds, each tailored to its own purpose, so the possibilities are truly limitless. With each new world, players have new options and activities to participate in; you are only limited by your imagination.

As you realize, Afflantium cannot have a story mode, so each player will create their own story using the choices they make in Afflantium. Don't get me wrong: it is entirely possible to have a story-line in Afflantium. You could dedicate an entire world in Afflantium to creating a whole game out of it, with your rules, design, and ideas, and then share your creation for other players to enjoy. This relates to our tools for creators, which I will discuss in a separate article as we have more exciting features in the works for Afflantium. Stay tuned for more.

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